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Constitutional Rights

Everything that governs Pokemonsters Live can be found within this board. All statistical information, FAQsheets, and the general rules and regulations - plus site updates - will be posted here. Be sure to "be in the know", because even the sites rules are subject to change.

Moderator: Crystal

Sub-board: Statistical Updates

4 HP Guide & Leveling
by Crystal
Jul 24, 2013 15:15:05 GMT -5
Free Thinkers

Free Thinkers is a board dedicated to - and for - the opinions of the members of the board. It is guest friendly, to allow the access of all free-flowing thoughts; however, member-approved ideas are generally the ones more highly considered. As long as the general rules of the site are followed, you can freely express your opinions here without repercussions.

Moderator: Crystal

Sub-board: National Polls

6 Dice Roll [Mandatory Update]
by Crystal
Aug 18, 2013 18:35:14 GMT -5
Mysterious Wonders

This board is left for the strict, and private, use of the Staff members. It is in place to allow them to ensure that the site operates properly, to it's best abilities, and to ensure that it stays "user friendly" as best as possible.

Moderator: Crystal

Monthly Contests

Once a month, a contest will be posted on the site. The contest will operate under the hands of a selected Staff member (who won't participate), and sign ups will last for at least two weeks. Although only one will be posted a month, many may still continue at once - and for longer than a month.

Moderator: Crystal

1 BRING GUESTS (ENDS: 08/29/13)
by Crystal
Jul 16, 2013 10:04:38 GMT -5

Creational Discoveries

Professor Elder's Lab

This is where you create your character's profile! It works in two ways. First, you'll create the profile and we'll help you handle any parts that need editing, or adding, to make it suitable for the site. Then, we'll give you four STARTER choices - with the fourth being a randomized one! Be careful though, you never know what you'll get.

Moderator: Crystal

Sub-board: Accepted Applications

21 Sakura Belle
by Ambrosian Wolf
Jul 20, 2013 3:34:41 GMT -5
Pokemon Center

The PC is a place where you may safely store information about your character - including the items they have, their level of wealth, and the Pokemon they've collected along the way! It's up to you to keep track of it though, not us; we'll only ensure that they're accurate depicitions of what your character has or owns.

Moderator: Crystal

17 Dew's Tracker
by Dew
Jul 20, 2013 15:37:08 GMT -5
Trading Post

Characters may trade away their Pokemon with one another, or members may trade (or give) away unwanted characters here. You're allowed to - sell or trade caught or owned Pokemon, and trade or give away unwanted characters here legally. All in all, have fun!

Moderator: Crystal

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Traveling Lanes

Junet Town (Route I)

Junet Town is a small, quaint town. It's nestled past a large forest, crowded with thick evergreens and bushy foliage, which tends to overlap it's small trails. All trainers start out here, and must slowly find their way to the city. Requires 15 Posts to "find" the town/Gym.

Moderator: Crystal

44 Well....What? [Mod]
by Nate Charles Grey
Aug 21, 2013 11:58:19 GMT -5
Suine Village (Route II)

The village is located in the heart of an expansive amount of Swamplands. The heart of the place sits nestled above the flooded floors below, illuminated through the sun's rays that manage to break between the gaps in the trees. They are houses plants in, around, and on the sides of the large trees of the swamp, connected with long, wooden walkways suspended by two strands of tough, industrial ropes. Requires 15 posts to "find" the village/GYM.

1 Suine GYM
by Crystal
Aug 15, 2013 15:27:31 GMT -5
Cahos Town (Route III)

Cahos town is located just a short distance from Suine Village. Seen in the distance by many, the vast, wide plains and open meadows that link the two cities hides the length of the journey. Many unwary travelers truly underestimate the journey. The ground is spotted with small green foliage, and tiny wildflowers along the way. Requires 10 posts to "find" the town/Gym.

1 Cahos GYM
by Crystal
Aug 15, 2013 15:28:44 GMT -5
Sorido City (Route IV)

Many travelers try to refuse the journey. The trek to the next town lies over a mountain range. It's high peaks, jagged edges, and various uneven, mix-matched trails tends to lose even the most advanced of hikers. However, it hosts a rather large, and powerful city just beyond it's borders. Requires 20 posts to "find" the city/GYM.

1 Sorido GYM
by Crystal
Aug 15, 2013 15:29:58 GMT -5
Gumba Valley (Route V)

Gumba is a city located across an open, savanna region. The temperatures range from extreme levels, to almost frigid nights. The grass is sparse, "cooked" to a nice golden brown, and decorated around sparse trees. Lost somewhere in the midst is a deep crater, where the village sits in seclusion. Requires 20 posts to "find" the village/Gym.

1 Gumba GYM
by Crystal
Aug 15, 2013 15:30:52 GMT -5

Sink Below

Aquis City (Route VI)

Provided by a generous supply of water, the city is rather large and expansive in itself. It hosts several streams, and quite a few rivers that jut in and out of the city. The only way to reach it, however, is to cross the Ocean to find it. Requires 25 posts to "find" the city/Gym.

1 Aquis GYM
by Crystal
Aug 15, 2013 15:32:09 GMT -5
Niddeh Town (Route VII)

To get to Niddeh town, one must travel through a dark tunnel that juts through an almost hill sized mountain. It is secluded on the other side, tucked safely in secrecy thanks to the many maze like trails, many of which cuts off into a dead end. Requires 15 posts to "find" the town/Gym.

1 Niddeh GYM
by Crystal
Aug 15, 2013 15:33:16 GMT -5
Bitte City (Route VIII)

The city actually isn't far away from Niddeh. However, it is extremely large. Located, and built in the sides of volcanoes. The fierce, tempered citizens usually live in rural homes miles away from their urban city, where Pokemon trek around within the wild woods and grasslands found in random patches along the way. Requires 10 posts to "find" the Gym within the city.

1 Bitte GYM
by Crystal
Aug 16, 2013 17:20:32 GMT -5

The Elite Four await for you. After your long, arduous journey through each region, the Elite four sit nestled in their comfortable and tall building, ever vigilant for their next challenger. You must defeat them in a row, without "auto-revives/restores" after each battle to win. It is recommended that you stock up on items.

by Crystal
Aug 16, 2013 20:50:54 GMT -5


Safari Zone

The illusive Safari Zone of the Mochia Region was actually ousted from it's original hometown for it's "diabolical" schemes. Constructed in an abandoned laboratory, the Safari is home to several wild, endangered, and/or extent Pokemon. Be careful though, when you go in you go it "alone". Costs ¥250 per travel; you are allowed 100 posts.

0 No posts have been made on this board.
Happiny Fields

Happiny Fields is an open ground, grassy area where bug Pokemon love to flourish. The keepers of the land allow trainers to wander about freely on most days. However, they hold a Bug Contest once a month for the duration of a week, where members can catch all the Bug Pokemon they can find. BUG CONTEST Costs ¥100.

0 No posts have been made on this board.
Sky Kingdom

Up, high in the skies, lies a kingdom afloat the clouds! The only way to get up there is to step on a small teleportation pad, or to fly up there on the back of a powerful bird Pokemon. Here, there's a wonderful home for avian Pokemon alike. Set with steep canyons, towering trees, and high cliffs, almost anything with wings could call this paradise.

0 No posts have been made on this board.
Lonely Desert

A lonely, expansive sandbox is a great place to explore. Well, if you have the time and patience to hunts at least. Many desert-dwellers hide out here, beyond the sand dunes and the mirages that lose the average, wary traveler.

0 No posts have been made on this board.
Abandoned Temple

A temple that appears as though time itself has forgotten it sits far off, on the edge of Mochia's region. Here, scary and spooky legends call it home, as well as rough, aloof Pokemon. Many trainers come here to explore it, generally as a dare. But be warned - a few don't make it back out to recite their tales.

0 No posts have been made on this board.

Conversational Wonders

Casual Wishes

Casual Wishes is a board where members can come to introduce themselves, or leave a farewell message. Other members may them bid them a safe journey (or return), or welcome them to the site.

Moderator: Crystal


5 I'm afraid to say this ):
by Dew
Jul 13, 2013 19:28:36 GMT -5
Talk o'the Town

The usual board for conversational pieces is this board. ToT is the perfect place to tell us what you did last summer, how great (or terrible) school is, and what your favorite Pokemon is. Chat away, we're all waiting to hear!

Moderator: Crystal

Sub-board: Just for Laughs

2 Convenience Shop
by Crystal
Jul 24, 2013 16:04:36 GMT -5

All sites that wish to advertise with us should post in this board. Ensure that your board is GUEST FRIENDLY, and post away! No double posting, if we cannot return the favor; otherwise, have fun! All sites MUST BE PG-13.

Moderator: Crystal

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41 Lions of Valoria
by Moose
Jul 21, 2015 4:20:19 GMT -5


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